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The Terminator takes his time spent in Hungary quite seriously, and he never fails to overcome fans’ expectations with just how straightaway and friendly he is, as reports.

We have already shared several articles about Schwarzenegger’s stay in Budapest. The world-famous actor arrived in Hungary in August to shoot his new film, the sixth instalment of the Terminator movies. He also spent his birthday here and visited a gym in the 13th district. According to his Instagram page, he likes to go on bicycle tours and to train in Budapest, followed by a nice beer in one of the best pubs in the city. He also met a Hungarian bodybuilder to get back a trophy that was still missing from his collection.

Following these adventures, the former governor decided to visit Lake Balaton last week, as a catering unit in Csopak has shared on their Facebook page.

The actor did not think twice and tried the world-famous Hungarian lecsó (similar to the French ratatouille) and tasted wine at the restaurant.

According to the staff of the restaurant, the Terminator popped down to try a few things in between two shoot days because he heard how cool Lake Balaton was.

He was up to something else this week. The Terminator got on two wheels and biked down Andrássy Avenue, where fans spotted him. The actor was wearing a Guns N’ Roses t-shirt and clearly enjoyed his ride.

Take a look at the photo here:

It seems he might have forgotten the outrageous incident that happened when he last visited a shop on Andrássy Avenue, and they did not let him enter. Find out why here.

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