Arnold Schwarzenegger is a person who usually does not have to be introduced: when he enters, the ex-governor and actor gets easily recognised no matter where he is. As reports, the employees of the Budapest Gucci shop definitely have some Googling to do!

Everybody knows Arnold Schwarzenegger, right? Well, it seems that the employees of a Budapest Gucci shop either did not recognise the superstar or did not think he deserves special treatment.

As we have reported formerly, Schwarzenegger is in Budapest for the sixth instalment of the Terminator franchise. From his social media activity, it is quite clear that he likes spending quality time in Budapest: he has spent an evening with Tímea Vajna who presented him with a birthday cake and also visited a few gyms in the 13th district. Recently, he got back his trophy from a Hungarian powerlifter.

Yesterday, when he was walking on Andrássy Street, one of the main luxury shopping streets in Budapest, he was prevented from entering the local Gucci shop.

When he wanted to go in, the security guards did not let him into the shop, even despite the request of customers and other employees.

According to the strict rules of the luxury shop, he should have waited until some customers leave the shop as there were too many people inside.

It is somewhat unclear whether the security guards recognised the superstar when they prevented him from entering. However, instead of making a big fuss about it, the 71-year-old actor left the store without entering.

Customers were literally begging employees of the shop to let him in. As’s insider informer stated: “It was really awkward. We were just looking at Arnold from the shop and tried to convince the staff to let him in because many of us wanted to take photos with him.”

Somosi Ariella, manager of Gucci Budapest, told the online magazine that she had received no information about Schwarzenegger’s visit to the shop, but even if she did, she could not share information about their guests.

Other shops were happy to have him: the Terminator made a visit to the St. Stephen Antiquity shop, where he was greeted with pleasure.


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  1. I do not have high opinion about security guys behaviour in many cases, but I assume he applied the same rule he would apply in case of any other customer, which is one customer out, one in, as the article says. I do not understand why some ppl are fussing about this? It’s a rule created by the Gucci shop store leader/-s. Mr. Schwazenegger is a customer just like any of us.
    The other thing is, I would do the same, leave the shop and do shopping where there are no rules for entering and I am welcomed (not followed etc 😉

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