Chinese restaurant Budapest

China’s food culture is extensive and profound. With the promotion of Sino-Hungarian friendship, more and more Chinese food is available in Hungary. There are many Chinese restaurants in Budapest. After personal experience and interviews, we selected the three best Chinese restaurants in Budapest and introduce them here.

The most authentic Chinese Ramen Restaurant—Flour Style Wok Bar  

Flour Style Wok Bar is a Chinese restaurant where one can enjoy authentic Chinese noodles. It is located right across the Hungarian National Museum, so it is easy to find. The restaurant’s atmosphere is elegant. One can watch the fascinating process of the making of Chinese food in the open kitchen.

The restaurant’s seasonings are brought from China and the recipes are all traditional.


Chinese restaurant Budapest
Photo: Fan Lei

Traditional shrimp dumplings, ramen and fried noodles are served here. The hand-made noodles are curly and slightly elastic, with clear roots. A variety of tastes such as vegetables, pork, beef, seafood, etc. can be selected. Taste one, the soup is clear but not light, fresh but not greasy, noodles Q bomb smooth, silky and tasty. Shrimp dumplings are full and crystal clear. The fried noodles are full of scent and delicious. The price here is also very affordable and worth trying.

Chinese restaurant Budapest
Photo: Fan Lei

Address: 1053 Budapest, Múzeum körút 39

TEL: +36 30 210 2836

Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00

Celebrity favorite Chinese restaurant—Ping Kínai Étterem

Ping Kínai Étterem is located at the Széll Kálmán Square in Budapest, which was formerly known as Moszkva Square. It is located close to Rózsahegy,  the famous affluent district of Budapest. The Buda Castle, the Royal Palace, the Fisherman’s Bastion and other attractions are also nearby, as the famous shopping mall Mammut. The interior of the restaurant seems comfortable and elegant, with a glass ceiling picturing a dragon and a phoenix. The wall is decorated with exquisite wood carving art paintings. The atmosphere is simple and bright.

The restaurant opened in 1997 and offers traditional Chinese cuisine and local specialties.

Chinese restaurant Budapest
Photo: Fan Lei

The taste is pure. Many Hungarian celebrities are also frequent visitors here, like parliamentarians, government ministers, diplomats, artists, actors, athletes and well-known media figures. There are many kinds of dishes. Almost all of the common delicacies can be enjoyed here, such as hot and sour potato shreds, tomato scrambled eggs and braised tofu. They also offer set menus and business lunches. It is an ideal place to try different Chinese foods.

Address: 1024 Budapest, Széll Kálmán tér 6

TEL: +36 1 316 0184

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 11:30 – 23:30

The best Sichuan dish in Europe—Wang Master’s Chinese Kitchen

Wang Master’s Chinese Kitchen is located near the Vajdahunyad Castle and is an authentic Chinese restaurant. It has been selected for three consecutive years by Hungary’s prestigious food and hotel selection agency, Budapest Weekly, as the “best Far East Restaurant”. The blue-and-white tile walls, beast-head knockers and the quaint signboards of “Ding Dingxiang” are particularly striking on the exotic streets. It is decorated according to the mixture of Chinese traditional culture and modern style.

Chinese restaurant Budapest
Photo: Fan Lei

The classic red and black colors, panes, lanterns, murals, utensils, cutlery, tea sets, tables and chairs are all examples of Chinese cultural characteristics.

Even the detailed facial expressions of Peking Opera on the plate are surprising. A wine bar in the restaurant listens to the story quietly. The restaurant’s dishes are based on Sichuan cuisine, and there are also eight traditional Chinese cuisines – such as Cantonese – that can meet the needs of different guests.

Chinese restaurant Budapest
Photo: Fan Lei

If you see the red pepper icon on the menu, please take it seriously because it is really hot. Among them, boiled fish, kung pao chicken, Ding Dingxiang elbow rolls and other are the hottest. Especially the boiled fish – it is smooth and tender, not too greasy and it does not have the smell of fish.  The peppers are bright and seductive, spicy but not dry. Many Chengdu people are mostly full of praise after they tasted it here.

Address: 1143 Budapest, Gizella Street 46/A

TEL: +361 251-2959

Opening hours: Weekdays: 11:30-23:00, Weekend: 12:00-23:00

Written by Fan Lei

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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