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After 233 matches and 1111 goal, Anita Görbicz does a farewell to the National Team of Hungary. The athlete from the Audi ETO of Győr is currently the captain of the national team.

Her most significant success with the team of Győr is four final victories in the EHF Champions League. As a member of the national team, she won the silver medal during the World Cup in 2003. She was the world’s best female handball player in 2005. In addition, she was the Hungarian Handball Player of the Year several times and the Top Scorer of the Champions League. Besides, she was a member of the All-Star team of the World Cup. At the moment, Anita holds the record with the number of goals scored by an athlete in the national handball team.

The queen of this sport has given to GLOBS Magazine an exclusive interview, in which she talked about why she decided to retire and what her distant plans were.

Why did you say goodbye to the national team?

The national team was always a sacred and unquestionable thing during my career. The team has delivered a lot of sports experience, many friends, passionate matches and, of course, achievements and failures. It was a great honour and huge responsibility for me to lead the national team on the field and in real life. I felt that the time had come when I had to draw the line. Although I would have been able to support the team further, it was time for the younger generation to come. This is a completely natural process, but it can also be influenced.

With my decision, I wanted to influence this process and motivate the younger generation to come and take over the role I’ve been playing for a long time…

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When did you decide to retire?

I had the idea of withdrawing from the national team for a while. As a mother, I have responsibilities outside the field as well, and this has raised important questions in my head. Fortunately, I could always count on my family in this regard, but the decision was mine. It is good to finish something with a calm conscience. I felt that I have decided just in time, because the consumption of a meal should be finished while it still tastes good.

How did your coaches, teammates and –of course- your family accept your decision?

Everyone who was affected accepted my decision and understood my arguments. My family is happy, because I can spend a lot more time with them and especially with Boldizsár.

After your retirement, your legendary #13 jersey was officially withdrawn. It will be yours forever. How does it feel?

I do not know what to say. I have to admit, I wept. I would have never thought when I started handball, that I will get this far. It is a great honour, a gesture that I cannot thank enough. This can be an example of a dream becoming reality for the youngsters. If I succeeded, others can succeed.

You were only 19 years old when you became a member of the national team. You became known for the public at a very young age. How did you deal with the sudden fame and success?

That is right. I was really young and it meant a huge responsibility. I have always tried to do my best both in professional and everyday life. I have changed a lot over the years, but I have always tried to overcome the challenges honestly and passionately.

In 2017, you signed a two-year-long contract with Győr. Therefore, you will certainly remain active until 2019. What is your plan after the contract expires?

I want to stay as long as my contract lasts and I still have enough strength and motivation to fight for great things with my team.

The ETO is not just a club for me, but one of my homes.

In my opinion, we will find tasks for me for which I am happy to give my name, after the game is over. However, that is the future…

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Why did you choose handball in particular?

The answer is simple: I was talented in it, and I wanted to do that. It always made me happy.

During your pregnancy, you could not give up on handball. You regularly visited the training sessions, and also instructed workouts for the representatives of the new generation. How long did it take for you to get back on track after Boldizsár was born?

Handball is a vital part of my life and I could not leave it behind. The arrival of Boldizsár was a blessing which was the most important thing in my life. However, handball is handball. It has an important place too. That is the point. I have planned to return three months after the birth of Boldizsár, so it was.

How difficult was to get back on track?

The return is never easy. After a long break, one might think that everything goes the same way as before. Before the break, we won the Champions League two times in a row. Naturally, I wanted to continue there where I left off.

In real life, it is not that simple. It is true even if everyone wants you back which gives a lot of strength for the restart.

It was not easy. I had to work a lot to fight my way up to the highest level once again. However, I was successful thanks to everyone who supported me. I could always count on my family, the team, my teammates, the handball association, the fans and the media. I am grateful for that.

How did Boldizsár change your life?

The arrival of Boldizsár changed my life fundamentally.

He is the most important part of my life. I am truly blessed with him.

Have you been thinking about coaching, after finishing your professional sports career? Or you want to try something entirely different?

After finishing my career, I would like to rest and recharge myself both physically and mentally. I would like to educate myself and push the Hungarian handball further. I would like to seek for new talents, take care about them in order to realize their dreams. I always had a great support. I feel this is the least I owe to handball.

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