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Hungary might become the scene to shoot another big American production.

If you follow Daily News Hungary regularly, you certainly know about Hungary, and mostly Budapest, being a prevalent shooting location for many massive Hollywood productions. It is not such a big surprise. The Parliament, the Buda Castle and the centre of the Hungarian capital are perfect spots on the big screen. Let it be Budapest itself the city plays in the film or a much bigger Western capital.

As Daily News Hungary recently wrote, several spots of Hungary gave place to Netflix’s newest hit series, Shadow and Bone. The country was the primary filming location of the production.

Moreover, Budapest seems to be the favourite filming spot for Marvel movies and the company’s series.

Two of the newest stars of the cinematic universe were spotted in the Hungarian capital

The trailers of Black Widow, expected to be released this summer finally, contains Budapest in abundance.

Scarlet Johansson in action in front of the Hungarian Parliament

But many other Hollywood stars have visited the Hungarian capital to work on a project. Jamie Lee Curtis, for instance, has been staying in Hungary for weeks now, about which she posts quite a lot on her social media platforms.

It seems like Hungary, and most precisely maybe Budapest is about to welcome another huge name in the industry.

As spotted it, Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be the next Hollywood name to be featured together with Hungary.

It is fascinating, as Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not simply an actor. He is also a writer, director and filmmaker who had directed and executive produced several successful and critically acclaimed short films and films. Don Jon and Looper are only two of them. He is also the co-founder of HitRecord, an online collaborative media platform that produces various projects with the collaboration of unknown and aspiring artists, giving them the possibility to be part of something big. Their next project might be shot in Hungary.

On Saturday,

he posted a picture on Facebook featuring the Buda Castle and the side of the Parliament, asking fans for cool photos of Hungary for a new project.

Maybe he simply wants some nice pictures as he has never worked in Hungary before. Although, we very much doubt that. Checking out a possible location to shoot a film this way, with the help of fans of the targeted country, actually would not be the first time he does it. He followed the same tactic in Canada for a short film in 2020, but currently, he is asking several European countries to do the same. 

Usually, a mediator company is tasked to search. This approach, however, seems not only more budget-friendly but also faster than the original method. Fans love to be involved in anything related to their favourite, especially if their country ends to be featured in the final product. His Facebook post has already received hundreds of mesmerising photos from all over Hungary. If you would like to contribute to his project, you can upload your best photos by clicking on the link he inserted in his post.

It is an exciting question for which of his new projects he is seeking a location, as everything he is currently working on is already in production. Maybe it will be revealed very soon.

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