The Hungarian capital has been a popular destination for a long time for many movies and series, primarily thanks to the city’s low costs. It seems like Budapest has become one of Marvel’s favourite destinations when it comes to picking a scene to shoot their newest production.

Their latest work in the making, the six episodes long Moon Knight, was set to begin filming this March. There is no information on whether they have already started recording the first shots; nevertheless, the two main characters were spotted this weekend in the Hungarian capital.

Oscar Isaac, who will play the titular hero Marc Spector/Moon Knight and Ethan Hawk, cast to play the main villain of the series,

were seen stretching at a bench after a run on Margaret Island. They were recognised by RTL Klub reporter Zsolt Gosztonyi, who even asked for a photo.

Budapest is a familiar place for Isaac as two years ago, he shot here the remake of the movie Dune, set to be released this October. He is not the only one who knows the capital, and he is not the only Marvel superhero Budapest has recently welcomed. The Black Widow, starring Scarlet Johansson and planned to be released on July 9 finally, will include several well-known and famous places of the capital.

This movie was not only shot in Budapest to be passed off as a different city, but the Hungarian capital is actually where the story takes place. Contrarily to Moon Knight, in which case it is much less probable that the story will take place in Budapest, writes

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally kicked off with WandaVision before moving on to our next heroes to help Marvel Studios expand its roster.

Marc Spector is a former boxer, mercenary and marine who struggles to keep up with his multiple personalities while using his considerable wealth to fight crime.

Based on Isaac’s videos posted on Instagram, recorded during his training, we can expect some nice hand-in-hand combat scenes and brutal fights.

Moon Knight is often referred to as Marvel’s Batman

due to the similarities the two characters possess, so the new superhero might easily take Marvel’s Universe in a darker direction.

The series is planned to arrive in 2022; let’s hope it will not be postponed so many times and for so long as Back Widow was.

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