24.hu reports that for a couple days, kids are announcing tram four and six’s stops.

If you were surprised to hear new voices on the tram, then rest assured: it was not a mistake on BKK’s side and there is nothing wrong your ears either. The step taken by BKK was a surprise from the company’s side on the occasion of Children’s Day.

However, not all public transport passengers are lucky enough to bear witness to this cuteness, as the changes were only on the two main tram lines (4 and 6).

Although in Hungarian, but you can check out the behind the scenes video posted by BKK.


Starting from May 28, up until June 5, you will hear the students from the School for the Blind announcing the tram stops.

The first time such thing happened, was last year, and passengers loved it so much, BKK decided to make it a tradition.

In 2016, a small boy, named Balázs, contacted BKK with the hopes that they will let him take a tour around the BKK parking stations, but he got more than he expected – writes 24.hu. The five-year-old boy – who knows all of the stops of trams 4 and 6 – not only got a plush tram, but they also recorded him announcing the stops. You could hear Balázs’s voice on last year’s Children’s Day.

Even though it was only one employee, it seems that everyone at BKK keeps very close attention to children. In November last year, 24.hu reported that a bus driver became an overnight sensation after he comforted a crying child. The bus driver recalled the story in the simplest and humblest manner: “I noticed him crying, then I have announced the next stop, but doing this in a way that created a tale, which kept us company during the whole ride”. Zsolt Fodor is known to be very nice and cheerful to his passengers, always making sure that they smile, even when the weather is frowning.

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Source: 24.hu

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