Tsu is a community site that distributes 90% of advertising revenues among the users. Facebook does not like it, it boycotts the portal, origo.hu wrote.

Facebook takes actions against community site called Tsu. The latter is a social networking site based on invitation and registration system, which is different from other portals because it pays money for users sharing popular contents.

And not little. If a shared image, video or text post is popular (liked, seen, commented by many people), the portal gives 90% of total advertising revenues from the content to the users, and it keeps only 10%.

Source: http://www.tsu.co/faq

If the posting Tsu-member was invited by another user, the latter person also receives from the revenues, and so it goes until two more invitees. However, the Ponzi scheme-like structure has real money, so the members can only win. The founders of the site want to build an intelligent community this way, origo.hu wrote.

The site was launched on July 1, 2013, and it grew slowly at first, however, it became popular enough to attract the attention of Facebook as well. Moreover, the team of Mark Zuckerberg decided that they will block the site. It is impossible to share even the link of Tzu on Facebook.

It is quite improbable that it will be a serious opponent of Facebook which has one and a half billion users, but this kind of isolation can backfire, and Facebook can be shown in obnoxious colors.

You can register here to the page or you can download the application (iOS, Android).

based on the article of origo.hu
translated by BA

Source: http://www.origo.hu

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