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Antiques Fair Starts in Gozsdu Udvar

Antiques Fair Starts in Gozsdu Udvar

The antique department of the Big Budapester Cultural Flea Market organizes fair in Gozsdu Udvar (Court) every Saturday, reports.

Gozsdu Udvar (Court) is one of the most popular part of the downtown of Budapest. There are a lot of pubs, restaurants, cafes and apartments. Cultural programmes are also very important, so you can find here an antique market shop with oldmobile section, exhibitions such as the past 100 years of Budapest. You can also visit an adventure market called Gouba, a craft fair from spring to fall, a play court for children and a wine court for adults.

According to, the Cultural Flea Market will open on Saturday from 11 to 7 pm. The Big Budapester Cultural Flea Market was created on Erzsébet Square in 2012. The founder was Mihály Juhász, who previously operated a club in Eger. After the renovation of the square in 2013, the place could not host the flea market any more. The event looked for another place and has found GozsduUdvar in Király Street.

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