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Wikimedia Commons by Gyöngyi Sztudva

According to MTI, the Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség (approx.: Hungarian Association of Hikers) is also asking people to stay at home during the coronavirus epidemic. People should rather go on trips virtually or online from the comfort of their homes and wait with their trips after the outbreak has settled, Sokszínűvidék.24 wrote.

Kinga Mártonné Máthé, the marketing communications director of the association, said on Saturday on channel M1 that future trips can be planned on their website – down to almost every detail –, and that these hiking plans could be completed later, after the epidemic has subsided. These planned hiking trails can be saved onto your smartphones, and they can be accessed during the trip to help navigate. She added that a lot of people have already downloaded their app – over 50,000 – with which you both access and plan trips.

The Association’s app is free and is available as ‘Természetjáró’ both on Google Play and in the Apple Store. The app is practically a virtual guidebook with pre-made hiking trails, tourist maps, guides on sights and attractions, and it can record your route, Sokszínűvidék.24 said.

Unfortunately, these documentaries are entirely in Hungarian, but they are worth watching even for their beautiful footage. Believe me, you will be astonished to see how beautiful Hungary really is.

Kinga Mártonné Máthé added that apart from hikers, teachers could also benefit from the videos and articles they share on Turista Magazin (Hiker’s Magazine). Although the content is Hungarian, you could still enjoy the beautiful images and videos.

You can use your desktop PC to plan your trips and access them through the app on your phone in the field. The app also has some very useful features, such as weather forecasts for your chosen route, an altimeter, a peak finder, a compass, an inclinometer, and a QR code reader. If you get into trouble while hiking, you can also make a direct phone call from the app by displaying your current location.

Source: Sokszínűvidé, MTI

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