Sometimes, taking some means of public transport to get to the airport can be expensive and annoying for travellers. Therefore, many people prefer to drive their own car and use the parking facilities available at the Hungarian airport.

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However, some of the most common concerns that come up when parking are the following: where do I leave my car if there is no place near the terminal? Is there anyone to ensure that nothing happens to my vehicle? Do not worry; today, we are going to talk about new applications and gadgets that will help you find a reliable and easy airport parking with Parkos and also make parking your car much simpler.

Apps and gadgets to get parking at the Hungarian airport:

Getting a parking lot in the city of Budapest is hard work. The idea is to study the different offers of airport parking spaces offered on the market in order to choose the one that best suits your needs. In the case of Hungarian airport parking, the process is the same. So, we want to talk to you about apps and gadgets that will make your life easier when parking at the airport in Hungary.


Getting parking can be difficult, but Parkos is here to solve this problem.

It is a platform that makes a comparison between the different market parking rates offered by the Hungarian airport’s car parks. It is widely used in various cities and is currently expanding to many other cities.

In its web portal, you can find long-term parking services, the ideal routes to reach Hungary’s airport, and parking with the option of valet parking, as well as indoor or outdoor parking facilities according to your preference.

To use this simple platform, all you need to do is choose the dates on which you want to use the Hungarian parking service and the area of ​​your choice. You will immediately get the results with the offers that each parking offers, including the option of valet parking, so you can book parking that best suits your needs.

Parking sensors:

 This gadget came to make the task of parallel parking easier, and it is very easy to use the tool. It has a series of wireless parking sensors, allowing your car to have 4 to 8 sensors.

These sensors work by means of a technology that receives audio signals and also vibrations according to your proximity to an obstacle while you are parking. Whether you park your car at the airport or any other small space, these sensors will be your best friend.

Driving analysis:

Most cars have a port called OBD, which we can use to connect devices that allow analysing the car’s journey, making parking at Hungary’s airport much easier.

As part of the advice we give you in this post, we remind you that before leaving your car in a parking lot at Hungary’s airport, you should check some things on your car, such as oil level or pressure, as well as the condition of the wheels. This way, you will avoid any inconvenience when you return from your trip.

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