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Are you drawn to water slides and barrelling down at high speed? Or do you prefer a 450-meter-long artificial river, perhaps a complex with 26 different water slides? The decision is not easy. However, helps by presenting the eight most exciting aquaparks.

1. Hungarospa Hajdúszoboszló

aquaparks, slides, hajduszoboszlo
Hungarospa Hajdúszoboszló

Chosen as the ‘Pool of the Year’ in 2017, the Aquapark in the Hajdúszoboszló complex offers a water slide park with 15 slides, each more exhilarating than the other. Adrenaline-seekers can choose between slides bearing names like the kamikaze, the hydro slide, the giant screw slide or the racing slide with four lanes next to each other. Others, like the black hole, the Niagara, the crazy river, the big hole or the twister require perhaps even more guts. Moreover, since 2014, the ‘extreme zone’ offers six exciting adventure slides – the free-falling tunnel, the water loop, the superwave, the space boat, the water pipe and, last but not least, the tsunami.

2. Loipersdorf Therme – Loipersdorf bei Fürstenfeld

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Loipersdorf Therme

This aquapark is only 20 kilometres away from the Rábafüzes border crossing. It has a racing slide accurately called the ‘Racer’ that creates a real Formula-1 racing atmosphere. Sliding down the ‘Arrow’, you can reach a speed of up to 50 km/h. However, those wanting a more relaxed slide need not worry, either. They can opt for the ‘Panorma Slide’ that, thanks to its transparent cover, offers a great view all the way down. The little ones can also have a great time dabbling in the baby pool, building sandcastles or even meeting Jack Sparrow.

3. Aquapark Tatralandia – Lipótszentmiklós

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Aquapark Tatralandia

As one of the biggest aquaparks in Central Europe, Aquapark Tatralandia offers an impressive 21 water slides, all different lengths and types. It also has 16 pools including thermal baths, kid pools, aqua pools and even swimming pools for those craving a workout, not to mention the luxury of 7 different saunas. The pool named ‘Ocean’ offers a great view over the summits of the Tátra.

4. Aquae Vivae – Krapinske Toplice

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Aquae Vivae

This modern wellness center is a mere 34 kilometres from Zagreb, with a name meaning ‘vital water’. The complex offers 500 square meters of water, including slow rivers, slides in different sizes and gurglers. There is also a wave pool that, with its 5-meter depth, is also perfect for trying out scuba diving.

5. Bükfürdő Thermal Bath and Aquapark

aquaparks, water slides
Bükfürdő Thermal Bath and Aquapark

One of the best aquaparks of the Transdanubian area can be found at the border of the Alpokalja and the Little Alföld. This aquapark stretches over 14 hectares of land, with both covered and roofless pools inviting guests to have fun. The outdoors beach of the complex offers four slides. The anaconda slide has long curves while the kamikaze slide with its sudden drop is more suited for brave souls. The unique onion slide provides the experience of landing in the water after spinning around as if in a tumble drier. Nevertheless, there are slides that families with small children can try out all at the same time, making this aquapark perfectly suitable for them, too. There is also a playroom with many different kinds of toys as well as a modern playground ensuring that the smallest guests will enjoy themselves as well.

6. Tófürdő Szombathely (Lake Bath)

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Tófürdő Szombathely

Tófürdő Szombathely is located in a huge green area. It offers many pools as well as four water slides. The smallest guests can have fun playing on the wood castle that has nine towers. The aquapark also offers the unique option of renting boats and paddle boats.

7. Terme Catez – Catez ob Savi

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Terme Catez

The Thermal Riviera of Catez is by now the biggest natural waterpark in Slovenia. It offers over 10 thousand square kilometres of fun for the lovers of water. The outdoor part of it includes the impressive, 450-meter-long artificial river that ends in a lake. There is also a whitewater pool as well as lit-up water slides and waterfalls.

8. Aquarena – Mogyoród

aquaparks, water slides
Aquarena Mogyoród

Aquarena in Mogyoród may be the most impressive aquapark, as it offers 26 water slides on just 11 hectares of land. The water slides are 1.5 kilometres long altogether and go both above and under the ground. 9 pools cover a 3500-meter sized territory and you can also find an aqua pool, a jacuzzi, diving boards at three different heights as well as a slow-flowing river for those wanting a relaxing swim.

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