Budapest is the third rudest city in Europe, according to a new survey by CEOWORLD.

The magazine conducted an online survey, from September to December 2019, where they asked 178,500 European adults to give their top five rudest European cities out of a list of 50 of the largest cities in Europe. CEOWORLD has now revealed the results.

The top five are Paris (36%), London (18%), Budapest (17.5%), Vienna (10.4%), and Amsterdam (9.6%).

It is not mentioned why or how the surveyed people picked their top five rudest cities; whether it was personal experiences, stories, or stereotypes they had heard. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

According to the survey, the most polite European city is Saint Petersburg, followed by Helsinki and Madrid in second place.

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Check out the whole list:

  1. Paris (36%)
  2. London (18%)
  3. Budapest (17.5%)
  4. Vienna (10.4%)
  5. Amsterdam (9.6%)
  6. Prague (9.2%)
  7. Birmingham (8.9%)
  8. Lyon (8.6%)
  9. Manchester (8.4%)
  10. Berlin (8.3%)
  11. Copenhagen (7.8%)
  12. Brussels (7.8%)
  13. Stuttgart (7.4%)
  14. Rotterdam the Hague (7.2%)
  15. Sofia (6.8%)
  16. Munich (6.7%)
  17. Samara (6.6%)
  18. Zurich (6.5%)
  19. Kyiv (6.4%)
  20. Rome (6.2%)
  21. Bucharest (6.1%)
  22. Marseille (5.9%)
  23. Minsk (5.7%)
  24. Hamburg (5.6%)
  25. Warsaw (5.4%)
  26. Barcelona (5.2%)
  27. Cologne (5%)
  28. Milan (4.9%)
  29. Frankfurt Rhine Metropolitan (4.7%)
  30. Moscow (4.6%)
  31. Dublin (4.4%)
  32. Belgrade (4.2%)
  33. Kazan (4%)
  34. Porto (3.9%)
  35. Ufa (3.7%)
  36. Nizhny Novgorod (3.6%)
  37. Turin (3.5%)
  38. Rostov-on-Don (3.3%)
  39. Valencia (3.1%)
  40. Voronezh (2.9%)
  41. Greater Glasgow (2.7%)
  42. Stockholm urban area (2.6%)
  43. Naples (2.5%)
  44. Perm (2.4%)
  45. Volgograd (2.3%)
  46. Lisbon (2.1%)
  47. Athens (1.9%)
  48. Madrid (1.4%)
  49. Helsinki (1.4%)
  50. Saint Petersburg (1.2%)


  1. What utter nonsense !

    The citizens of Budapest are VERY polite (except – of course – to European Commission members and their ‘unleashed pets’ = N.G.O.s).

  2. I can relate to that rudeness. There is to many Tourists. The tourist are to blame because are the ones being rude. There are more of them than local and they have no respect. They don’t get out of the way, they throw trash. Lot of times they talk laud and cut in front of lines etc. How can you act nice to such a situation? It was a real pause that was very refreshing with the virus situation. We felt we got our country back!

  3. My daughter is studying Veterinary Medicine in Budapest and has been living there since 2017. I visit her at least 3 times a year. I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt it is my favorite city to visit. I find the people very friendly and helpful. The city is fascinating to explore and I find myself walking everywhere to really get a feel for the people and place. I am from Dublin Ireland and speak glowingly about Budapest to anyone who will listen.

  4. Strange list and strange survey, but Budapest is definitely extremely rude.

  5. Budapest : The ranking can be possibly dictated by the fact that visitors not knowing HUngariian – might feel the locals to be ‘rude’ – whilst actually it is is the shyness of not being able to communicate in their language may give rise to this feeling .
    I can say this about Budapest – because I live there .
    Possibly , the same explanation might apply to Paris

  6. This perception of rudeness insults me being targeted Falsely & Incorrectly at my beloved Budapest, Hungary.
    Australians by nature, the place of my birth, and part of my education, have a reputation of being :
    (1) – Rude.
    (2) – Arrogant.
    (3) – Cocky – self opiniated firm in there own beliefs and opinion.
    They tend to be Loud in nature – possible through there Love of alcohol especially Beer.
    Budapest, my home for some years, is a delightful City to live.
    I speak no Hungarian, and the tolerance displayed when there is a need to assist me wherever by the people of Hungary, is warming, without embarrassment or uncomfortableness felt by me.
    I have seen much of this World, and seen cultural rudeness in various countries, and Hungary is no angle, it does occur, but rare in its public exhibition.
    My life, living in and with the warm embracing friendly tolerant embracing people of Budapest, Hungary – is delightful and there compassion and tolerance of me, is muchly appreciated.

  7. The rudest city I ever visited is Milan. The Budapester are sometimes rude to other Hungarians but never to foreigners.

  8. I went to Budapest a decade ago and found it to be one of the politest cities in Europe. I’d like to go again soon and hope that hasn’t changed too much. I live in Madrid and can say it is by far one of the rudest cities I know.

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