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According to Infostart.hu, a new phone line has been launched in Hungary that provides the perfect solution for those being afraid of walking home alone at night. By dialling the number, and paying the regular price, people can feel more secure talking with someone while walking home. Here is the Hungarian person behind the realisation of this great idea in Hungary.

It can be terrifying to walk home alone at night from a workplace or a party especially if the individual is a woman. This is why a new phone line has been launched in Hungary by Maren Csiki Molnár who would like to make the service free and available throughout the week so that everyone can easily find an interlocutor while walking home. To make all these possible, the inventor of this service recruits enthusiastic volunteers to join her team.

In fact, it was not her who invented this service because it has been in operation in Berlin for several years now. It was here that Maren Csiki Molnár heard about this service and decided to launch it in Budapest as well. She started the service without advertising it, but the news of it has spread quickly.

The service is quite simple: the individual dials the phone number and tells Maren where he is at present and where he wants to go. Then, they start a conversation in Hungarian, English or German that can take even an hour. As Maren Csiki Molnár reports, she tries to figure out what the person is interested in and if the individual is devoid of prejudice, the conversation can go on smoothly.

However, the service is not yet available anytime. It is only on Fridays and Saturdays between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. that it can be called and the initial reactions of Hungarians are very positive. The service has been used by a dozen of people so far, and interestingly, they were mostly men. As the inventor believes, they mainly called out of curiosity and not because of being afraid of walking home alone.

The service can be a breakthrough in investigations since, if a crime happens to the person on the other end of the line, Maren Molnár can immediately alert the police or the ambulance and she also knows where the person in question might be. Of course, this does not mean that in case of an incident it is not the police who should be the first to alert.

To use the Guiding Telephone Service,  just call 06-30-899-3465 or 06-30-664-7981. If you want to feel safe, a Hungarian will guide you all your way home 🙂

Source: infostart.hu

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