Balaton Sound festival 2018
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According to, a Hungarian hotel booking website, most Hungarians visited spa towns like Budapest, Siófok, Eger and Hajdúszoboszló in 2018. Moreover, the skyrocketing of Hungarian tourism continued.

They added that the volume of inland tourism increased by 10 pc last year, and staying one or two nights was the most popular interval, representing the 2/3rd majority of the reservations. The most searched categories were apartments, guesthouses and motels – reported

The average price Hungarians paid for accommodation rose from 138 to 145 EUR in 2018 – said Nóra Keresztes, the marketing manager of In most hotel types of accommodation, reservation prices increased; however, in the case of 4- and 5-star hotels, they decreased by 8 pc.

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The romantic ruins of the castle of Szigliget near Lake Balaton. Photo:

In fact,

70 pc of the reservations cost less than 157 EUR

while only 20 pc of them were between 157 and 314 EUR. The most “crowded” day was July 23rd.

In terms of the counties, Pest, Somogy and Heves were the most popular destinations, while regarding the cities, the most popular remained, of course, Budapest, which is followed by Siófok, Eger and Hajdúszoboszló. Szeged, Gyula, Pécs, Balatonfüred, Zalakaros and Hévíz are also on the Top 10 list.

The Miskolctapolca cave bath

Most Hungarians visited the castle of Eger, the cave bath of Miskolctapolca, the spa of Zalakaros, the Festetics Castle and the spa of Harkány. The castles of Siklós, Szigliget and Füzér, the Kehida Fun- and Spa Bath and the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter (Pécs) also welcomed an outstanding number of tourists.

Nóra Keresztes added that, in the neighbouring countries, most Hungarians visited Zakopane and Cracow (both Poland), Szováta and Torockó (Transylvania, Romania) and Vir (Croatia).

She said that Hungarians are becoming more and more conscious travellers since they book their holiday on average 237 days in advance on

Top 10 destinations in 2018:

1. Budapest

2. Siófok

3. Eger

4. Hajdúszoboszló

5. Szeged

6. Gyula

7. Pécs

8. Balatonfüred

9. Zalakaros

10. Hévíz

Top 10 tourist attractions in 2018:

1. Eger Castle

2. Miskolctapolca Cave Bath

3. Zalakaros Bath

4. Festetics Castle

5. Harkányi Thermal Bath

6. Siklós Castle

7. Kehida Fun- and Spa Bath

8. Szigliget Castle

9. Füzér Castle

10. Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

Top 10 foreign destinations in 2018:

1. Zakopane

2. Krakkó

3. Szováta

4. Crikvenica

5. Vir

6. Torockó

7. Zadar

8. Parajd

9. Wrocław

10. Medulin

Finally, the top 10 Hungarian destinations based on the reservations in 2019:

1. Budapest

2. Hajdúszoboszló

3. Eger

4. Zalakaros

5. Hévíz

6. Gyula

7. Siófok

8. Szeged

9. Debrecen

10. Pécs


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