After more than 20 thousand votes and 100 thousand page impressions, it finally turned out what the most popular wonders of Transylvania are – reports

The voting of the initiative 7 wonders of Transylvania was closed at Sunday midnight, thus it turned out which the most popular Transylvanian wonders are, out of the 34 wonders that were were recommended by the experts, public figures and non-governmental organizations.

The Red Lake and the Bicaz Gorge received the most votes (1550), but both Lake Sfânta Ana (1484) and Turda Gorge (1004) got more than 1000 votes in the “competition” launched in May. The seven wonders also contain the Székelykő of Torockó, the boron water and mofetta of Székely Land, the statue of Virgin Mary of Șumuleu Ciuc (Csíksomlyó) and the Ursu of Sovata.

Red Lake
(Hungarian: Gyilkos-tó)
Bizac Gorge
(Hungarian: Békás-szoros)
Lake Sfânta Ana
(Hungarian: Szent Anna-tó)
Turda Gorge
(Hungarian: Tordai-hasadék)

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The main goal of the common initiative of Transindex and GoTransylvnia – which is available at or by the mobile app of GoTransylvania – was not to choose the 7 wonders but rather to introduce and popularize all of the candidates.

The interest in the initiative was so high that more than 20 thousand votes were given, while more than 80 other Transylvanian wonders were recommended by the voters (more than 200 people took this opportunity) which were not included in the original list of the 34 wonders. Most people recommended the Artists’ Colony at Nagybánya.

The website registered 99,090 page impressions all together in less than a month’s time, on the basis of the IP addresses, most people visited the page from Budapest, Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár), Târgu Mureș (Marosvásárhely), Bucharest and Miercurea Ciuc (Csíkszereda). Regarding countries, of course, Romania and Hungary are first on the list, but more than a thousand people visited the page from Germany and Great Britain. Furthermore, many people from the United States, Austria and Slovakia were interested in the initiative. The age group of 35-44 was the most active (23% of the visitors), and 55% of the visitors was female.

The initiative will be continued, the work is already in progress to make the page trilingual, to plan some routes touching the wonders and to involve the wonders recommended by the readers. The GoTransylvania app is also close to be updated.

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