Renovation work has begun at the cave bath of Miskolctapolca. This has resulted in the closure of the bath, along with its medical units and aqua-therapy facilities, between 22 January and 1 February. The cave bath will be re-opened on 2 February. But not all entertainment has stopped in the caves: a special trip can be taken in the tunnels during the renewal period.

The Cave Bath in Miskolctapolca is a unique phenomenon in Europe, according to its MEK page. It is a natural indoor pool, which provides the opportunity to bathe in the thermal water that is bursting up from the depths of the mountain, accompanied by the freshest and cleanest air available. The bath is also famous for its medicinal effects, which are related to the climate and the warm water.

Miskolctapolca can easily be accessed from the city of Miskolc, either by car or bus, not to mention the bicycle track for more athletic visitors. The path can also be taken on foot alongside Hejő creek.

Visitors can admire the winter scenery from the warm outer pools (as visiting outdoor baths is a popular activity in Hungary even in the cold season) or enjoy the summer sunshine on sunbeds, or if the weather gets too hot, the tunnels of the cave provide shelter. Besides the pools, saunas and medical therapies are also available. The micro-climate of the clean blue water, the scenery and the useful services contribute to the refreshment of tourists.

The Cave Bath is currently under renovation: all the equipment and the tiling will be repaired. The crew is cooperating with alpinists, who check the stability of the cave’s rock walls. The medical units will be renewed with fresh paint and new massage beds.

On 27 and 28 January, the management of the Cave Bath has organised so-called “dry feet” trips through the tunnels of the cave, according to Visitors could roam among the stalactites in waterproof boots, exploring the unique and mysterious caverns.

The trip took about 45 minutes, during which visitors could even see the hidden network of boilers and pipes and the other mechanisms used during the operation of the bath. Even the unfinished tunnels could be visited.

The Cave Bath will re-open to the public on 2 February.

Photo: Péter Komka/MTI


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