MTI Photo: Városliget Zrt. reports that those interested can take a virtual tour in the new building giving home to the Museum of Ethnography of Budapest the construction of which is going to start this year according to the plans.

The new building is going to constructed at Ötvenhatosok Square in Budapest that was previously used for processions and parades and up until now, it has functioned as a parking lot. The winner plan was chosen by a professional jury as part of an international design contest, where surpassing several world-famous architects, the unrivalled plan of the Hungarian NAPUR Architects Ltd. was judged the best.

MTI Photo: Városliget Zrt.

One of the most spectacular attractions of the new museum is going to be the garden covering the roof of the building giving the impression of a hillside.

This garden is going to be accessible to the public and serve as a cozy communal place of gathering. By walking up to its highest point, visitors can admire the breathtaking view overlooking the renewed City Park.

MTI Photo: Városliget Zrt.

The Museum of Ethnography is going to move into a modern building giving home to its library and archive as well, that is going to be worthy of the 145-year-old knowledge of the institution.

The building is going to serve the demands of the museum well, by providing opportunity for the comprehensive and thorough presentation of its whole collection.

In addition to this, below the ground, enough space is going to be provided for permanent and temporary exhibitions where much larger and much more spectacular displays can be visited compared to those in the previous years.

MTI Photo: Városliget Zrt.

Another eye-catching experience is provided by the special warehouse that is going to present 4,000 works of art, but the interactive space for museum education programmes is also worth mentioning.

Furthermore, to offer a more family-friendly surrounding, a children museum is going to be constructed in the same building where even the smaller ones can get acquainted with the world of ethnography in a playful way.

Take a virtual tour in the new building:

Featured image: MTI


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