According to, the 1st phase of the reconstruction of the City Park of Budapest, that extends over 100 hectares, is going to start soon. After thorough preworks, the City Park is going to be renewed based on the winner plan of the Garden Studio.  They, together with the representatives of the park users, worked out the best plan possible by taking into consideration their requests as well.

The project was worked out by paying special attention to letting enough usable space in the park during the reconstruction processes. During the 1st period, they carry out the developments concerning the interest of blind people, nearby schools and the dog owners.

Városliget Zrt.

The reconstruction of the Garden of the Blind

Many people from the National Institute for the Blind in Budapest visit the nearby park, thus in the 1st phase of the rebuilding, they are going to renew the garden that is outdated and  in very bad conditions and also add a new promenade to this area.

The request of the associations for the blind and visually impaired people was to preserve this closed area to serve their relaxation and recreation  in a safe environment.

They further requested the repairment of the enclosing fence, the roads and the existing buildings. All of these requests were taken into consideration and are going to be remedied. What is more, a new playground is going to be built for the visually impaired children with several integrated games available to them.

city park budapest
városliget city park budapest

New tracks for the nearby schools

In the framework of the renewal plan of the City Garden, based on the discussions made with the nearby schools, a new, easily accessible sport park is going to be constructed with a 200m running track, a long jump pit and 2 multifunctional tracks. The discussions shed light on the importance of  building tracks for in-class PE runnings and PE tests to be able to provide the necessary sport field for the students. This area would provide the perfect venue for school PE classes but other visitors can also use the futur establishments.

A dog playground for man’s best friend

During the 1st phase of the park’s renewal, the deteriorated and disused building of the once veterinary surgery is going to be demolished which further extends the area with 5,000 square meters tha would be covered with plants. During the reconstruction, a new animal playground is going to be set up that provides a great opportunity for owners and their favourites to play together. Here, among the arising requests was the creation of an area which is suitable for running, chasing and digging. Further requests were for the construction of a water playground with cleaning and drinking facilities for the dogs, and benches for the owners along with lighting in the morning and in the evening when most dog owners visit the park. In addition to these, there are going to be slalom courses, bridges, hopping elements and tunnels hidden in hills for the dogs.


The discussions for the renewal of the park were held in different forums. Miklós Persányi, the Supervising Minister of the City Park architectural landscape gardening held all together 7 City Park Forums between September 21, 2016 and 26 September, 2017 where the invited social and civil associations, the representatives of the nearby institutions and the park users participated to express their ideas and views on the park renewal.

Consequently, the Garden Studio was reponsible for creating a collective platform which result will be a plan that serves the interest of many.

The attention paid to the event is remarkable and is also showed in numbers: during the discussions, the participating 118 organisations, associations and their representatives adressed some sort of suggestions, recommendations or requests, all together 558. Hopefully, in the end, a communal park would be established that would live up to everyone’s expectations.


This video shows how City Park will look like. Check it out!


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