The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the world since the start of the outbreak. In Budapest, the usual disposing of household waste was also affected by it, and the date of it got shifted. Usually, it would go without much trouble, but due to frustration or some other reason, this year, it almost ended with a disaster.

According to the reports of the Police, during the garbage disposal, objects placed on the street were set on fire in several places in Budapest’s District VII on the night of the 27th of November 2020. The flames endangered nearby houses and parking cars, but luckily, thanks to the fast intervention of the police and fire departments, no one was injured in the fires, and no serious damage was done to any property.

The Budapest Police Headquarters immediately followed up on a lead in the investigation, and within just thirty minutes, the patrolling policemen of the District VIII Police Headquarters caught a man in the underpass of Blaha Lujza Square who tried to light the household waste on fire in that spot as well.

The police caught the 26-year-old Dávid Cs. from Budapest, and he was interrogated as a suspect in a crime causing public danger. Dávid Cs. admitted to the act of lighting the waste on fire in several locations, justifying his actions with his drunkenness. In addition to his detention by the district investigators, a motion was made for his arrest as well.

Rendőrségi letartóztatás Police arrest
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