Presenter Dr. Robert Richard Kiss of the Vilagszam program of Inforadio reports from Kampala, capital of Uganda, within that the venue of the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center, said.

Not only the Hungarian Palinka was made in Uganda, but also a Hungarian hospital is being built with Hungarian cooperation in the African region. In fact, not long ago they also took part in the inauguration of a well in the company of locals.

Balazs Lukacs, Director of the Hungarian Cultural Centre and Trade told the presenter that the market is constantly expanding and the products made in Uganda stand their ground.

“Uganda is the Canaan itself” – described the region Balazs Lukacs, implying that the situation is not nearly so idyllic in the other areas of Africa. People have to fight for a living. There are daily clashes between the police and street kids. However, in Uganda, everyone adheres to the rules relating to it, that is exactly why there are much more peaceful people.

Uganda focuses more on infrastructure development. Although there are only old cars on the roads, where there is not even asphalt, only reddish-sand roads without road signs, still they spend more time and energy on these developments.

The area is not exactly tourist-oriented, although the beautiful mountains, the Lake Albert or the Lake Victoria can offer a dazzling view to the tourists. It’s also true that one should not forget the potential risks, since wild animals can attack the unsuspecting travelers by surprise. The presenter also looked shocked when a picture was shown of how a crocodile bit down a tourist’s leg. Bathing is prohibited in the lakes, but some people still don’t take it seriously enough, said.

Diseases also need attention. Under normal treatment, malaria can be cured in a few days, but what is surprising that the Hungarian doctors also met leprous patients in the area.

“As if we take part in a time travel” – doctor Reka Fodor referred to the circumstances. She told about a 14 year-old girl  who suffered from leprosy, but they managed to cure her.

Dr. Adam Fischer confirmed that although medical services are free, local doctors often ask for money from the patients. Many people go to shamans, but incantation does little help malaria or leprosy.

Dr. Kamilla Guedad told the audience they treated nearly 2500 patients until they were there.

Nevertheless, the presenter and the doctors reported Uganda is a safe place. In Uganda, everyone takes care of itself, but also of each other. The locals are very friendly, immediate, helpful and extremely reliable.

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