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Asha, the elephant is leading the adoption list of the Budapest Zoo – PHOTO GALLERY

Asha, the elephant is leading the adoption list of the Budapest Zoo – PHOTO GALLERY

Asha, the 3-year-old elephant is leading the Budapest Zoo’s adoption list in the first half of 2016. The list contains the animals that have been symbolically adopted by the most people, thus, proving to be the most popular animals at the zoo, writes.

Data from the first half of 2016 has revealed that Asha, the young elephant has taken the lead from last year’s favourite, Nur-Nuru-Bin, the koala, who is now at the third place. Asha is not new to success as she was the most adopted animal after she was born in 2013 as well.

Sisi, the giraffe baby born last year took second place on the list, while the fourth most popular animal is Ambrus, the red panda.

The data shows that, while baby animals are still the most popular, many people have adopted adult animals as well. Niva, the 10-year-old siberian tigress is the fifth, her mate, the 13-year-old Norbi is the sixth most beloved among the adoptable animals.

Basil, the 7-year-old asiatic lion took 7th place on the list, followed by another red panda, Auróra. Lujza, the sloth is the 9th, and Lone, the playful, 1.5-year-old orangutan shares the 10th place with the oldest animal on the list, the 36-year-old gorilla, Golo.

Through the Foundation for the Budapest Zoo, anyone can become a symbolic foster parent and support their favourite animals at the zoo.


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