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The astonishing frozen nature of Óbánya – Photo Gallery

The astonishing frozen nature of Óbánya – Photo Gallery

As you might have experienced in the latest days, the weather has been unusually cold in Hungary. Most people prefer to stay home in these conditions if they can, but, luckily, there are adventurous photographers who go out to capture the beautifully frozen nature. came across Norbert Mag’s photos, who visited Óbánya and captured the icy wonders along Öreg Stream.

The village of Óbánya can be found in Baranya County, in East Mecsek, in a lovely valley near Mecseknádasd. Due to its natural and artificial beauty, Óbánya is frequently referred to as the “Hungarian Switzerland”. Several hiking trails cross the region, because the neighbouring mountains are beloved excursion destinations.

The small waterfalls of the Óbánya Valley are absolutely stunning, juts like the Csepegő Rock, which is a popular meeting point. The region is rich in flora and fauna and it is the home of several unique species.

“We visited Óbánya in the freezing cold and we found a magical, frozen world. The streams were still running in some places, while the waterfalls were completely frozen” said the photographer. Get ready for some breath-taking photos 🙂


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