When marking the national holiday celebrating Hungary’s statehood it is important to acknowledge that “all things considered our country is in better shape than our continent”, Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, said at an awards ceremony on Tuesday.

Over the course of its 1,020 years of statehood, Hungary enjoyed “few quiet centuries of peace and prosperity in which families lived safely and homes, villages and cities could be built without having to fight or defend themselves against something”, Gulyás said handing out state and ministry awards.

Gulyás said that

“in the spirit of making a clean slate of the past”, statues were being toppled and “citizens insistent on holding onto their past” were being “beaten and assaulted” in several European countries today.

The right to assembly is being eroded in Belarus, Christians are being persecuted “more and more openly across the globe” and Christian communities are being weakened in Europe, he said.

But central Europe, he added, was making an effort to take a stand against these tendencies.

“We value freedom, a state that serves its citizens and the community preserving its culture that is under attack,” Gulyás said.

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Source: MTI

  1. More distorted misinformation from the government. A pack of lies with regard to the rest of Europe – Christian values do not include the bigoted, racist hatred of others that some central european governments promote, using religion as a tool for political popularity. They are no better than Isis in that respect. Most of these mouthpiece politicians would not know a bible if they saw one, let alone the teachings of Christ, because their messages of hate are profoundly unchristian.

  2. Sadly, when it comes to what really matters, i.e. healthy life habits,public health care , education, emigration of young qualified people, job wages, life expectancy, green policies, press pluralism, just to mention a few, Hungary occupies the lowest places in the EU. In some cases, the very bottom one.
    What mr. Gulyas propagandates is cheap b…sh.t for fidesz voters: church bigots, naîve villagers and palinka drinkers.

  3. what has always puzzled me is how someone (politicians like this one) can be so comfortable with the habit of lying that much in public… don’t they get tired, exhausted from it?

  4. What gets me is Marxist Mario and his Socialist (Communist) friends think they are any better when it comes to lying, policies that have helped destroy the family and Hungarian society during the last century when they were the communist party. Sorry Mario but your as full of it as ANY of the politicians you so despise from Fidesz.

    Hungary is NOT perfect but it is better under Orban and Fidesz than it would be under Marxist Marios deluded world would be. Hungarians want strong families, Morality (NO LGBT indecency) No illegal migrants and no return to the failed communist/socialist values that their daddy George Soros is trying to shove down the entire planets throats.

  5. #Not Marxist Mario: ‘Morality’! You’re having a laugh! Budapest must be the porn and prostitution capital of Europe. Hungary is also home to some of the worst sex traffickers in Europe. Add to that the UNICEF findings that Hungary has one of the worst child abuse records among industrialised nations, further evidenced by the study conducted by the University of Debrecen, ‘The sexual abuse of female children in Hungary: 20 years’ experience’. You can read it online. That is your Hungarian ‘family and morality’.

  6. Bunch of communist cry babies trying to put Hungary down, when it is clearly one of the greatest nations in Europe. Who pays these losers?

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