Badacsony Lake Balaton

If you still do not know what to do this long weekend, here are a couple of events you could check out. As we are still in the midst of an epidemic, please take extra care of personal hygiene, wash your hands regularly and try to keep the distance from others.

As there is still a national ban on mass events, all major summer festivals had to be cancelled, including Strand Festival. Both fans and organisers are disappointed. STRAND came up with an interesting idea and organised a much smaller, free event at Zamárdi beach with concerts and stand-up comedians.

SzabadSTRAND starts on 19 August and lasts for four days. They aim to serve those who already booked their apartments for the festival or who were to spend the long weekend in the area already. Daytime activities include yoga on the beach, board games, dodgeball in the water, beer pong, painting, recycled & upcycled fashion workshop, SUP tours.

The month of August is pretty much all about wine in several settlements around the Hungarian sea. Wine weeks started 7 August at Tagore boardwalk, Balatonfüred, where musicians entertain the guests every evening. Also, every weekend in August in Badacsony is Wine Weekends with great music and even greater wines.

The party never stops at Plázs, Siófok where there are four different locations, each admitting 500 guests. Plázs is the centre of summer relaxation. It is the largest party beach in the country, which “during the day is a scene of sunbathing sweet do-it-yourself or active recreation, and on program days it becomes a bustling VIP centre with party streams and a series of concerts on summer weekends.” The Color Festival awaits you on the long weekend at Plázs.

Spa- and Wellness Centre Sárvár has a late-night opening with music on Friday (the 21st of August). Ticket from 7 p.m. cost 6.77 Euros/person, the spa is open until 1 a.m., and the sauna is open until 12.30. Sauna tickets are available from 7 p.m. (3.23 Eur/person).

Those who remain in Budapest won’t be bored either. Kenyérlelke Festival is held 19-20 August. The primary purpose for this is a chance for real sourdough bread lovers to meet each other. The Festival is a family day event with exciting programs, workshops and stage programs. Visitors can see how real bread is made with flour, water and salt only. There is also a competition for amateur and professional bakers; the best will receive a diploma from the jury.

Kenyerlelke festival

Normafa hosts a Lángos and pancake festival this weekend.

What do we celebrate?

The 20th of August is the State Foundation Day of Hungary. This day is also a religious holiday, Catholics celebrate the day of the first patron saint of Hungary. This day also marks the Hungarian Festival of the New Bread. In many locations in Hungary and even in larger Hungarian communities beyond the border, the blessing or slicing off a loaf of bread are parts of the celebration. To find out more about this holiday and why we celebrate it, please check out our previous article.

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