Australia fires Hungary

Before, they had a flourishing farm in Australia. Now, they have nothing but their lives.

Szeretlek Magyarorszag reported about a Hungarian couple who lived in an idyllic environment before last New Year’s Eve, near a small Australian village. They had a flourishing farm there where they grew plants. Everything started with a huge storm on December 31 that was introduced by heavy lightning. Since all plants on the ground were desert dry because of the countrywide drought,

some bolts were enough to ignite the nearby forest and cause a deadly firestorm.

Melinda Müller and her husband had no more than 1.5 hours to pack their life in bags and run away from the unstoppable fire. Moments after they left, their home burnt down to the ground in just a couple of minutes.

They left almost everything behind and fled not knowing what awaits them. Ms Müller said that nobody could prepare for such an event. Her husband was trying to save their tractor while she was packing a bag in the house.  However, since the fire grew very quickly,

they could only concentrate on saving their lives.

Now, they are trying to look ahead because they know that they cannot change the past. Ms Müller said, however, that they have lost their sense of security. The worst of it is that – like millions of their fellow sufferers – they do not know how long the fires will last. The summer has just begun in Australia, and the drought is unbearable since there has not been any rain since February 2019. Meanwhile, the temperature goes as high as 43 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it seems that nobody can stop the fires that

devour houses, villages, and even cities,

causing the death of 26 people. It can happen that the fires will last for months.

They got a lot of help from locals, even Hungarians. The Australian government gives 1,000 dollars for each adult and 400 dollars for each child whose home burnt down. Ms Müller said that though at the moment, they are safe, they do not know when they can return to their home and start rebuilding their farm and their life.

According to the latest estimates, almost 1 billion mammals, birds, and reptiles have been killed in the fire.


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