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More than 400 organ transplants performed in Hungary in 2016

More than 400 organ transplants performed in Hungary in 2016

Over 400 organ transplants were performed in Hungary in 2016, with 358 organs received from Hungarian donors and 113 arriving through the international organisation Eurotransplant, the daily Magyar Nemzet cited the National Blood Transfusion Service (OVSZ) as saying on Thursday.

A full 4006 lives were saved through transplants from 2007 to 2016, the paper said, citing OVSZ’s annual report which was published on Tuesday.

The average waiting time for kidneys and pancreas was three years in 2016, the report said. Patients had to wait about a year and three months on average for a heart transplant and less than a year for a liver transplant, it said.

Last year, average age of donors was 50.1 years. In the 61-70 age group there was an 8% increase compared to the previous year, and in parallel with the number of donors of 31-40 years of age.


As we wrote in 2015, the first lung transplant has happened in Hungary. The middle-aged man, who got a new lung, is doing well and was recovering fast.

Also we wrote before, the 25th anniversary of the first heart transplant operation was marked in Budapest in January, 2017.

Source: MTI/Magyar Nemzet


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