Being pregnant is one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. But it can become stressful as well, especially when the baby starts kicking or you experience sudden mood swings. These common pregnancy problems sometimes make it hard to think positively. It’s easy to forget the many benefits of being in a healthy mindset to your unborn child. Scientists explain that a woman’s positive and negative thoughts have an immense influence on a child’s learning abilities. 

 Redirecting your mind

Thinking positively during pregnancy is like a mental exercise that you will have to do consistently.

Think of the mind as a scale balanced on a fine line. If you put too much weight on one side, the scale will tip and fall. So, every time you think how tough the delivery period is going to be, you need to redirect your mind to something positive like how wonderful it will be to hold your baby and see him/her smile for the first time. There is no end to negative thoughts during pregnancy, but the trick is to divert them and think positively about your child and how much joy he/she will bring to the family.

 The Power of Internal Locus of Control

Doctors often say that an unborn baby can hear their mother.

Talking to your child serves as one of your first bonding moments, and this activity can also be an excellent way to remain positive throughout your pregnancy.

The more you and your husband talk to your unborn child, the more you’re contributing to his or her hearing abilities.

Experts also highlight the impact of the locus of control, which refers to how much one believes that they can control the outcome of events. A person can either have internal locus or external locus of control. The difference between people with internal and external locus of control is their attitude towards life. Women belonging to the former group can remain positive during pregnancy because they believe in influencing their mind to think positively even when external forces try to steer their direction off course.

In the Children of the 90’s study, researchers looked at the mathematical and scientific reasoning of the children of women with an internal locus of control. Results from the test showed that these students performed better in science and math, supporting the theory that positive thinking during pregnancy enhances the child’s learning abilities.


It is a natural inclination for mothers to see their child growing up to be a brilliant student. They think that offering adequate guidance in their child’s studies, often in the form of assignment help, is enough to help their kids get good grades. It starts by taking baby-steps while thinking positively during the pregnancy period. Parents need to realize, however, that their contribution to their child’s learning and overall development begins during pregnancy.

Keeping a positive mind throughout pregnancy makes this period less stressful while increasing the chances of bearing a child with advanced math and science skills.

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