Bishop australia foreign minister
Photo: MTI

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said that every independent state has the right to pursue its own immigration policy, in an interview published by daily Magyar Idők on Saturday.

Bishop, who paid an official visit to Budapest this week, said that Australia has enacted rigorous laws to halt the inflow of illegal migrants and eliminated people smuggling rings.

She added, however, that Australia has a comprehensive system in place to aid refugees. Australia takes in the third largest contingent of genuine refugees in the world, namely around 19,000 per year, she said.

Bishop expressed support for the policy promoting cooperation with the transit countries with the aim of stopping mass migration and providing humanitarian aid to the migrants’ countries of origin.

Concerning prospective talks on a free trade agreement between Australia and the EU, she expressed the firm belief that such a pact would greatly benefit both sides.

Photo: MTI

Source: Magyar Idők

  1. As a Canadian born, Hungarian citizen, it’s nice to see my cousins down-under with the same clear head as the V4. Just hope the rest of the EU political heads take off their political correctness blindfolds and pull out their earplugs and get on board and fix this problem like Australia has done for starters.

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