Next year marks the 100th anniversary of the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Austria-Hungary). To commemorate the historic event a YouTube channel, called RealLifeLore, published a detailed analytical video of what would happen if the monarchy was reunited in 2018.

A little historic background: The Austro-Hungarian Empire, or Austria-Hungary, was a special dualism, more precisely a confederation that existed from 1867 until 1918 in Central Europe. It was made up of the Kingdom of Hungary and the Habsburg Empire, which was mostly a unity of independent states united by a joined ruler, joined foreign affairs, military affairs and financial background.

The video gives a quite detailed insight into the structure of the potentially reunited empire. collected the main aspects the video touches upon:

  • the change would affect the territories of 14 countries
  • the empire would be the 39th biggest country in the world and the second biggest European country after Russia
  • its population would exceed 68 million, meaning that it would have the third biggest population in Europe after Russia and Germany
  • the majority of the population would speak Hungarian and German as their mother tongue, but they would still only add up to 1/3 of the whole population
  • the empire would probably have two capitals: Budapest and Vienna
  • the empire’s military force would reach 188,000 units
  • a tiny Chinese territory would also be part of the empire
  • and the emperor would probably be Charles Habsburg

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