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Is Xanax really out of stock in Hungary?

Is there really a problem?

A special floating fountain was handed over in Győr

A special place in #Győr for the evening hours ;)

Nurse fails to notify doctor, patient’s life in danger

You could ask why such a tragedy happens in the capital of Hungary...

Super cute lemur born in Nyíregyháza Zoo

Your daily dose of cuteness :)

These places are worth visiting in Budapest when the heat comes

Are you in a mood for an evening walk? We'll show you the most #beautiful #places in #Budapest ;)

The little Hungarian chocolate factory continues to win medals

ChocoMe factory has again become a multiple Academy of Chocolate Awards winner this year in London. Like last year, they nominated seven products all together, but this […]

Parts of the historic colossus in Pest fall into Turkish hands

Purchase of a historic building

The 5+1 favorite beaches around Budapest

You don't have to travel long hours from Budapest in order to sunbathe on sandy beaches and dig into cool water ;)

Szeged commemorates the victory of Nándorfehérvár

If you are near #Szeged, you definitely should attend this event :)

Serious mistakes make new Budapest electronic ticketing unsafe

The new electronic ticketing system seems to have some serious issues

Hungarian Four Seasons Hotel on the top of the Travel and Leisure list

You won't guess which hotel is the best in Europe this year :)

5 must-visit destinations on the north-east coast of Lake Balaton

#lake #balaton - You don't know where to go on vacation? We'll show you ;)

Elephants dabbled on the shore of Lake Balaton

Elephants on the shore of Lake Balaton? :)

Zika Virus spreading mosquitoes around Pécs?

A large number of mosquitoes have appeared around #Pécs that could spread the #Zika #Virus

The decisive list: Top 20 schools of Hungary

Do you know the best schools in Hungary? :)