Is Xanax really out of stock in Hungary?

It is one of the most important and fundamental medicines for patients with anxiety and panic disorder. According to

A special floating fountain was handed over in Győr

Small films can be projected at the new fountain in Győr. The first topic will be the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF). The operation...

Nurse fails to notify doctor, patient’s life in danger

A nurse at a hospital in Budapest didn't inform the doctor when one of the patients fell out of bed. Six hours later, the night nurse did it...

Super cute lemur born in Nyíregyháza Zoo

The 3 weeks old baby lemur was born after 130 days of gestation. It's still spending its days hanging on its mother's belly. You can

These places are worth visiting in Budapest when the heat comes

Here are some places in...

The little Hungarian chocolate factory continues to win medals

ChocoMe factory has again become a multiple Academy of Chocolate Awards winner this year in London. Like last year, they nominated seven...

Parts of the historic colossus in Pest fall into Turkish hands

A Turkish property investor takes over the building of the former Public Slaughterhouse, learned the The fate of the protected...

The 5+1 favorite beaches around Budapest

It is a misbelief  that Budapest residents have to travel long hours in order to sunbathe on sandy beaches and dig into cool water. 

Szeged commemorates the victory of Nándorfehérvár

Szeged is once again commemorating the glorious Hungarian military victory at Nándorfehérvár - today 

Serious mistakes make new Budapest electronic ticketing unsafe

The BKK (Budapest Transport Center) launched the online ticket and lease purchase interface this week.