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Here are some places in Budapest where you should go for a relaxing break this week. Summertime is here. What would be better than an evening walk?

Museum Garden, Károlyi Garden

Sitting on the still warm stairs or relaxing in the shade of the trees with ice cream or a coffee could be a perfect closing of the day. Wherever you might come from, either through Astoria or Kálvin tér, you can find great cafés in the area.

Besides the Museum Cafe & Bistro, there is the California Coffee Company, which is favored by students from all over the world. You can also find a cute little place named Cafe Torino in the tight Bródy Sándor street. Nearby begins the Baross street, which offers plenty of cafés for people being always in a hurry. Worth mentioning are the cozy Prague Café and the special Premier Kultcafé. The latter is

“the largest disability-friendly cultural space in Europe, located in the heart of the Hungarian capital”.

As you make yourself comfortable somewhere in the Garden of the National Museum, you might feel the spirit of the place. A mass demonstration was held here in the afternoon on March 15th 1848. Hungarians celebrate the Revolution every year on this day ever since. The prime minister chooses this location for his National Holiday speech.

Relaxing in nature

Less than half an hour drive from downtown is the Római Coast. By packing a blanket and a small provender, you can lie here all day long, next to the Danube. There is nothing to disturb your rest. While walking along the shore, you can find places where only animals and plants will surround you.

The water at the lido, opened in 1964, was already used in the Roman times. There are currently three pools awaiting visitors, with giant slides and a playground built in 2013.

It is described as Budapest’s most tolerant, romantic, cheerful and interesting area, where everyone can spend a good time together, regardless of their age, views, habits, lifestyles. This is the shore where you should go each year to have a hake, a beer, a lángos, or a spritzer. There are several pubs here, like Két Rombusz, Nap bácsi, or Fellini Kultúrbisztró.

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Füvészkert – The botanical garden of Eötvös Loránd University

Not far from the Corvinus, Eötvös Loránd and Semmelweis University campuses, there is guaranteed silence and tranquility, and the ticket is affordable. The Füvészkert is the ideal place to rest at the end of the day, but can also be a dating venue. The oldest trees in the secret garden are over 150 years old. You can see enormous lilies in the Victorian House, but there’s also a bamboo grove, plenty of orchids and cacti. So, it’s just something we could hardly imagine in the middle of Budapest.

The Eötvös Loránd University established the first botanical garden in Hungary in 1771. It has 8,000 different plant species and variants in the 3.5-hectare park, including 200 endangered plants.

The botanical garden featured in Ferenc Molnár’s famous The Paul Street Boys is a cult place. It offers ultimate peace and calmness for couples, families or anyone looking for some relaxation. The magical garden seems like a real oasis with its beautiful flora. After spending a few hours in Füvészkert you might even feel like a renewed person.

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