Most of us could list Budapest’s most popular attractions, but what if you’re looking for something special that you’re not likely to find in guidebooks? collected some rare treasures that are just as worth visiting as the Parliament or the Buda Castle. We added some ideas to make the list a bit more diverse and to invite you to six secret places.

Füvészkert – The botanical garden of Eötvös Loránd University

The botanical garden featured in Ferenc Molnár’s famous The Paul Street Boys is a cultic place, found in the heart of Budapest. It offers ultimate peace and calmness to couples, families or anyone looking for some relaxation. The magical garden seems like a real oasis with its beautiful flora. After spending a few hours in Füvészkert you might even feel like a renewed person.


1083 Budapest, Illés Street 25.

Buda Arboretum – The arboretum of Corvinus University of Budapest

The Corvinus University of Budapest cultivates a unique world in their arboretum. It’s easy to fall in love with the colours and smell of the fantastic flowers. Once you’re there, expand your tour and visit Lake Feneketlen (Bottomless Lake) found on the other side of Villányi Road. Peace and relaxation is guaranteed.

1118 Budapest, Villányi Road 29-43.

Károlyi Garden

Would you think that there are also wonderful spots in the city centre that offer a hiding place from the bustle of Budapest? This is exactly what Károlyi Garden is known for. You can visit the picturesque garden all year around; however, it is the most stunning in the spring and the summer, when covered in colourful flowers.

slow károlyikert

1053 Budapest, Károlyi Mihály Street 16.


It was almost left as a separate area after the union of Pest, Buda and Óbuda, in 1873. Today it offers a breath-taking view of Budapest, playgrounds, fresh air. What else do you need for relaxation? The park lies between the Gellért Hill, Sun Mountain and Castle Hill, in a beautiful environment. You can go sleighing in the winter, picnicking in the spring, while summer marks the beginning of festival season here as well.

picnic tabán

The Hospital in the Rock

It is one kilometre long and lies under the Buda Castle. In the 1930s it was only supplied by plumbing, which exploded in the first weeks of the siege of 1944. It resuscitated for a few days in 1956 and was made nuclear-proof in the 1960s. It was a secret place until 2002. The Hospital in the Rock today functions as a spectacular museum. Visiting this historical spot could be a perfect programme with friends or family.

Hospital in the Rock

1012 Budapest, Lovas Road 4/c.

Cave of the Szemlő Hill

The acutely protected cave found on Szemlő Hill in the Buda Mountains has been transformed to serve touristic aims, so it can be visited with even wheelchairs and strollers. The cave is 2230 metres long with a horizontal expansion of 50 metres. The tour lasts for 250 metres on pathways and stairs. The great adventure includes unique sights, like orb cabins and kettles, mineral exudes, yellowish-white peastones, calcite plates, white plaster and acicular aragonite and smaller dripstone formations.

1025 Budapest Pusztaszeri Road 35.

Photos:,,,órház, Tabánfesztival, Szemlőhegyibarlang

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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