No one gets bored around Lake Balaton, as the Hungarian sea is awaiting everyone with a wide range of programs. You may choose from beaches, hiking trails, churches, and adventure parks. Here is what you shouldn’t miss on the northeast coast.


Balatonalmádi, this friendly town at Lake Balaton is a picturesque settlement with numerous sporting and entertaining opportunities, with varied programs and exhibitions, with high quality accommodation ranging from campsite to four star hotel, and free parking. The beaches are along the Balaton Bike Road. In the heart of the city the eventful Wesselényi beach can be found, while the shady Budatava beach lies at the eastern port, and two small beaches on the west side, in the quarter Káptalanfüred.

The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, the Almádi-Days and the Hungaricum Festival are entertaining the guests in June and July. The Almádi Wine Festival offers high-quality programs and the best wines of Hungary’s wine regions in August. The Harvest Festival and the Pumpkin Festival are awaiting the guests in autumn. If the weather permits, there is also an Ice Carnival in the winter. Those seeking active recreation may choose from cycling, hiking, horseback riding, sailing and boat trips among others. In addition, there is also a possibility to play tennis and beach volleyball. Indicated hiking trails are leading to the mountain ridges. While walking through the “Vörös Homokkő” (Red Sandstone) or the “Köcsi-tó” (Lake Köcsi) nature trail, we can get to know the history of this typical local stone and the wildlife in the neighborhood. Great fishing areas are awaiting the lovers of this hobby, and wellness enthusiasts are also welcome to recharge. The main attractions of the city are the fortified Calvinistic church, the Transylvanian St. Imre Church, the Holy Right Chapel with the golden mosaics and the hallows of St. Stephen, Blessed Gizella and St. Imre, the St. Ignatius Baroque Church and the Europe Sculpture Park in the St. Elizabeth Grove.


The first things Tihany calls to our mind are probably the Benedictine Abbey or the fantastic lavender fields here. But the settlement has had a very famous and thrilling resident, IV. Charles the last Hungarian king. The ruler was deprived of his throne after the First World War, but he attempted to regain the Hungarian crown twice. Both attempts failed. He was taken to the Benedictine Abbey in Tihany. He remained here in “house custody” until he was delivered to his final retirement on the island of Madeira. The Benedictine Abbey is also worth visiting, because of their great craft products. All of them contain lavender. You should taste their lavender chocolate or liqueur. Believe me, it’s worth it.

A few million years ago, the entire Tihany Peninsula was a vicious volcano. Special geological formations preserve its memory. As a result of volcanic activity, the Inner-lake is actually a tarn. Consequently, it is 26 meters above the level of the lake.

The Round-church of Öskü

The medieval monument’s sanctuary is semi-circular with little porthole-like windows. A hemispherical shingle roof covers its top. Its origin is unknown, since it might have been a Turkish mosque, but it also may be a remnant of a donjon.


Balatonfüred is the most lively city of the northern shore. It doesn’t matter whether you arrive here alone, with friends, or family, you’ll find the perfect program. First of all, start discovering the city on the romantic Tagore Promenade, where life does not stop in the night. You can discover the living creatures of the lake in the Bodorka Balaton Aquarium. If you would acquaint with Lake Balaton in a more extreme way, the Annagora Aqua Park is the right place for you and your whole family. If you prefer sport programs, you should choose the Extreme Adventure Park Balatonfüred. There is a bicycle obstacle course, a 17-meter high climbing wall, a 340-meter long slide and a wire rope track with nearly 150 missions waiting for those who wish to move.

Koloska Valley is the best place in the area for hiking, refreshing, relaxing or just a little bit out of town. Since there are resting and barbecue areas near the Koloska spring, as well as a forest track and a nature trail.

The Porcelain Manufactory of Herend

Not only can we discover the secrets of porcelain making here, but we can also become master of porcelain-making, at least for a few moments. Workshops of the Minimal Manufactory help you creating almost anything.

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