Some of us cannot wait for the season of colder weather, colourful leaves and huge sweaters, while others want to have a prolonged summer – possibly forever. Here is our what-to-do guide for the Indian summer and autumn.

When the sun is up in the summer, it is usually not ideal to spend a long time outside due to high temperatures, neither in the city nor in nature. However, as leaves start to fall, it is so enjoyable to do the things we could not during hot summer days, is it not? Take a look at our program recommendations for lower but still pleasurable temperatures.

1. Finally: take a big, calm walk in one of Budapest’s magnificent parks.

The Philosopher’s Garden, which we have suggested earlier, is very popular and usually crowded in summer. However, autumn is the time when the parks start to calm down a bit: go and find a peaceful tree offering shade to sit and think under.

Margaret Island, Budapest
Photo: Daily News Hungary – Alpár Kató

2. Visit the Budapest Wine Festival

Try some of the best wines from all the Hungarian wine regions. This year’s thematic is focused on Lake Balaton.

3. Try Budapest Rooftop Cinema

Have you seen all of the film classics? This autumn, the Rooftop Cinema has several of them on screen: movies such as Perfume or Amélie are definitely must-see.

Budapest Rooftop Cinema

4. Have dinner with an amazing panoramic view over Budapest

Take a look at our collection of restaurants with a great panorama in Budapest, if you are interested.

5. Get to know your city as a tourist

Budapest is full of tourists in the summer, is that right? Of course, we love it when foreigners come to visit the country and try our traditional dishes and pálinka but we have to admit, it is quite hard to navigate in the city sometimes due to the huge groups of people.

Now is your time to explore the city, take a tour around the Buda Castle Hill or the neighbourhood of the Parliament, and you will not be disappointed.

6. Go to one of the most beautiful tarns in Hungary

In our collection of Hungarian tarns, we collected the best-known and most easily accessible sights, worth visiting both for tourists and Hungarian residents. The tarn of Megyer Mountain, Apc or Jósvafő are the best destinations for an excursion in the countryside.

megyerhegy tengerszem tarn

7. Chimney Cake Festival

The Hungarian speciality, chimney cake, is a popular accessory of winter festivals and celebrations – why not have a festival dedicated to the tasty dessert itself? Fortunately, at the 6th Chimney Cake Festival, starting on 12 October, numerous types and flavours of chimney cakes will be offered, and the entry is free.

Chimney cake - kürtőskalács

8. World Press Photo Exhibition

The Exhibition organized in the Hungarian National Museum brings together winners of the 61st annual World Press Photo contest. The worldwide tour’s Hungarian stop is showcased between 20 September and 23 October, making it the perfect autumn Saturday program.

9. Buy your weekly food in advance at one of the Market Halls in Budapest

A place that both Hungarians and foreigners adore: the market hall. Either you visit the Great Market Hall or one of the smallest ones in Budapest, such as Fény Street market hall, you will not be disappointed.

budapest market food gastronomy building

10. Take a look at the panoramic view over Budapest in one of the city’s amazing baths

Budapest, the capital city of bathing culture, is famous all around Europe for its beautiful and calm thermal baths, the most famous of which are the Gellért, Széchenyi and Lukács baths. Each is worth one – or more – visit.

Budapest bath visit tourism

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