Budapest, December 13 (MTI) – Lawmakers are scheduled to vote on 24 proposals on the last two days of parliament’s autumn session, including a proposal to reduce the bank tax.

Monday’s session will start at 1pm with speeches prior to the agenda. After this, lawmakers will decide whether to deviate from house rules and vote on a proposal concerning the new law on compensating the victims of the Quaestor brokerage firm. The new law includes sections amended since the top court found them unconstitutional and, according to the justice minister, it will enable faster and more predictable compensation payments. At least four-fifth of the MPs need to approve the deviation from house rules in order for the vote to go ahead.

During Tuesday’s session, votes are scheduled on a proposal to reduce the bank tax, amendments to the public procurements law, the local councils law and the church law.

Photo: MTI


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