Violation of mask-wearing rules on Hungarian trains caused a total of 172 minutes delay last week. In some of the cases, police action was necessary due to the aggression of passengers. 

According to the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV), even though it is mandatory to wear a mask on trains, ticket inspectors had to take action in 10 cases because some passengers did not wear protective equipment last week. The carelessness of some passengers caused severe delays on the lines.

Furthermore, aggression was also experienced in some of the cases.

On a train at Lake Balaton, a passenger who had been warned to wear a mask during his journey hit the chief ticket inspector. After the incident, the ticket inspector had such severe injuries that he needed medical help; police action was taken, and the railway company brought a charge against the perpetrator. Furthermore, the case caused many delays on the line.

As the Hungarian news portal reports –

these cases clarify that anyone who does not comply with the regulations, besides endangering the health of himself/herself and others, also causes unnecessary annoyance to the passengers.

Based on the Government decree issued on 18th September, wearing a mask is mandatory not only on trains, but also at the railway station or stop, or in any room where the passenger is waiting before or after take-off, including the waiting room, the underpass, the closed overpass, the cash register hall and the track hall.

The use of the mask is mandatory everywhere in the areas mentioned above.

The railway company shall exclude from the journey any passenger who does not wear a mask covering his nose and mouth in the manner prescribed by the regulation. The regulation applies to everyone except children under the age of six. MÁV recommends wearing masks at open overpasses as well to protect the health of both themselves and their passengers.

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  1. We are ALL in this Challenge, in these testing and un-certain volatile times, that we live.
    We must remain United – support fully, those engaged for our HEALTH that are engaged to Police the mandatory laws that are in place.
    We must focus doing it RIGHT – ensuring WE take – Responsibility for our actions and ensure, not just for our Families and loved one’s but for Hungary that – WE do it RIGHT.
    Those amongst us, that violate these laws, leave no other alternative but to have the applicable penalties or fines issued on them.
    Play by the Rules of Law.
    If this is not practiced, the law is there to protect us, designed, introduced for
    our greater Health protection and Safety.
    United – Responsible and DOING the RIGHT THING – then We ALL will Win.
    Stay Safe & Well – ALL.

  2. just an observation, not wearing masks is not the sole reason for delays. MÁV is notorious for cancelations and late services. This only adds a small fraction of delays to an already outrageously bad service.

  3. How awesome seeing comments from useful idiots like Gary. You can wear a mask like a dog and a slave. I have done my reasearch and I do not intend to wear the mask, have you done your research ?

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