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Náblusz, 2018. február 23. Palesztin tüntetõ autógumikat gyújt fel az izraeli rendfenntartókkal való összecsapások közben a ciszjordániai Hovara ellenõrzõpontnál, a Jeruzsálemtõl mintegy 50 kilométerre északra fekvõ Nábluszban 2018. február 23-án. A tüntetõk Donald Trump amerikai elnök döntése miatt tiltakoztak, amely szerint az Egyesült Államok Tel-Aviv helyett Jeruzsálemet tekinti Izrael fõvárosának. (MTI/EPA/Ala Badarneh)

The European Union must pursue balanced policies regarding conflicts in the Middle East, foreign ministry state secretary Levente Magyar said on Monday.

He called for the next meeting of the EU-Israel association council to take place as soon as possible.

After an EU foreign ministerial meeting in Brussels, Magyar said

participants had reviewed the peace process and presented their views regarding chances for restarting Israeli-Palestinian talks.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini presented a report on last week’s donor conference on the Sahel region, where Hungary offered to raise the number of soldiers serving in an EU military training mission in Mali from six to 21, Magyar noted. The region’s stability is “very important” and reinforcing the army of Mali is important in the fight against illegal migration and terrorism, the ministry said in a statement.

The meeting also reviewed progress of reforms in Moldova. Hungary has always supported close cooperation with countries in the EU’s neighbourhood, Magyar noted.

“The EU should encourage Moldova to continue pursuing reforms and support the country. The EU should keep expectations realistic,” he added.

Photo: MTI/EPA/Ala Badarneh

Source: MTI

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