The council of Siófok bans the consumption of alcoholic beverages in public spaces. The regulation only applies to the most crowded part of the city, the popular party district, szeretlekmagyarorszá reported.

The police may take action even in such minor cases where they find only the bottle of the alcoholic beverage open, as, according to the regulation, even such a trivial misdemeanour can be regarded as a prohibited conduct.

According to the local mayor Róbert Lengyel, the regulation may also be the appropriate way to control the party tourism in the town. “This regulation may be the first step towards making the party-tourists learn that they cannot do anything,” said the mayor.

Furthermore, Lengyel has asked the police to stay alert and act if justified.

Referring to the regulation, Judit Kónyáné Zsarnovszky, the notary of the city, explained that she receives more and more complaints that young people do not drink alcoholic beverages in pubs, but rather they buy them in supermarkets or in other shops, and after drinking them in public spaces, throw the empty bottles away.

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