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The banned Csíki beer is back under different name

The banned Csíki beer is back under different name

After years of relentless campaign against the ethnic Hungarian beer manufacturer by Heineken, Romanian officials that are always ready to attack ethnic Hungarian businesses in Romania banned the manufacture of Csíki beer, said.

A Romanian court has ruled that the beer manufacturer has to destroy all equipment that linked to the manufacture of the banned beer within 30 days because the name of the beer violated a Heineken brand.

The beer manufacturer however, fought back and relaunched the brand under different name calling it “Real banned beer” (TILTOTT IGAZI SÖR).

The news was announced by the manufacturer on Facebook.

Due to the scandalous Romanian court ruling Hungarian beer drinkers launched a boycott against the Dutch multinational company. Even rock bands joined the initiative calling on music lovers to boycott Heineken brands.

The Prime Minister’s Office stands in solidarity with the banned Csíki beer manufacturer

A Hungarian government source told PestiSrá that while Heineken signs a strategic partnership agreement with the Hungarian government it conspires with Romanian (chauvinists) against a small ethnic Hungarian beer manufacturer. (This indeed shows the Dutch multinational’s true colors.)

The government source stressed that the Dutch multinational colluded with Romanian authorities against a Hungarian brand. Heineken is surely aware of the difficulties ethnic Hungarians have to endure if they want to start a business in Romania.

The Romanian court handed down its verdict by disregarding the European Union’s decision on December 9; the EU ruled that the two brands are not incompatible with each other.

Meanwhile the city of Hódmezővásárhely kicked off a nationwide boycott of Heineken product.

Rock bands are also joining the initiative calling on music lovers to stop buying Heineken products.

Meanwhile, Rock Marathon Festival organizers announced that Heineken products won’t be sold at this year’s events; the boycott also targets products manufactured in the company’s Hungarian plant.-




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