According to, Mutanox does not deliver razor wire to Hungary, because of the Hungarian government’s refugee policy. By discarding the Hungarian order, the company loses half million euros (HUF 157 million) – British newspaper Metro wrote, tracked by HVG newspaper.

The fence and barbed wire built at the Hungarian border became the symbol of the Orban cabinet’s refugee policy. Hungary ordered thousands of wire rolls from Mutanox. Talat Deger, owner of Mutanox said to Huffington Post Germany that he thought Viktor Orban misused the special wire, which is much more dangerous than a simple barbed wire, because it can damage to death someone, too – the newspaper wrote.

According to the company’s owner, the wire is planned against thieves and burglars and not to stop people fearing their lives.

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  1. Idiot Talat Deger, owner of Mutanox! You can keep your killer wires and sit on it yourself !
    Can anyone plz. tell him, that who ever fill like his 25 year old life is in “danger”, he doesn’t have to “fearing” from enter Hungary at the open Gates but not the mosquitoes, sneaks and bears infected “back doors” illegally!

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