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Photo: Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister

News portal index reported earlier in the day that rare late Baroque frescoes in the refectory of the one-time Carmelite monastery “fell victim” to the renovation that had cost billions of forints.

Viktor Orbán moved to the new premises this month. The historical Karmelita Monastery at Buda Castle get a new function in the future. It is going to be Viktor Orbán’s brand new workplace where he will continue to lead the country from January, along with his personal staff as well. Check out Orbán’s new office PHOTO GALLERY HERE!

The Prime Minister’s Office told the portal that during renovation the frescoes had been first cleansed and conserved to later receive a protective cover to ensure their preservation for future.

Covering them with white was part of giving the offices a standard look, it added.

prime minister, new, office
Photo: Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) on Monday called

it “outrageous” that over-200-year-old murals had been painted over during the refurbishment of the prime minister’s new office bloc in the Buda Castle.

Speaking at a press conference, DK lawmaker Zsolt Gréczy criticised the move of covering the frescoes with white paint with a view to giving the prime minister’s office “a puritan look”.

He called it “a barbaric act with which a part of Hungary’s cultural heritage has been destroyed”, adding that DK has initiated convening parliament’s cultural affairs committee and would appeal to the UNESCO over the matter.


The new premises of the Prime Minister’s Office in the Buda castle district are an overpriced prestige investment and a display of lavish extravagance, the opposition said, read more HERE.

Photo: Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister

Source: MTI

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