Lang Lang, the virtuosic pianist-star proves that the one of the most famous Hungarian composer Bartók and the Russian composer Prokofjev have connecting points with Rock music.

Lang Lang likes the crossover genre because he believes every method is good which can bring the 21th century’s audience closer to Classical music.

Together with Mark Gouliana drummer , he wishes  to prove that Bartók or Prokofjev were not only brilliant composers but could be regarded as genius jazz or rock musicians, too.

Some weeks ago Lang Lang drew the public’s attention to his  performance at the Grammy Awards together with the Metallica. Actually, with his current video he aims  to highlight the similarities and connections of rock music to the pieces of music of Bartók and Prokofjev.

“I’m still finding rock or even hip-hop motifs  in Prokofjev’s music over and over again; and Bartók composed incredibly progressive music”- explained Lang in his video, in which he also illustrates his statement with some detailes of the third of Prokofjev and the second of Bartók piano races.

Translated by Valentina Leanyfalvi



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