The song called Together by Ivan & The Parazol was chosen for the official Sziget Festival Anthem in 2014 – the organizers announced.

“Besides that our international performers and their songs are widely known, we are deliberately choosing Hungarian songs for the Sziget Anthem each year. The one-week-long summer festival will be held at the Budapest Shipyard Island and the current anthem is the major tool of advertising for the festival worldwide. This year the selected song is the latest single of the new album – called Mode Bizarre – of the Ivan & The Parazol. The song takes an important part both in the Hungarian and in the international Sziget campaign” – announced Károly Gerendai, the founder of the Sziget Festival in the official notice. Well, this is a great chance for the bands to be widely known.

Last year’s winner was a song of the Punnany Massif called “Szabadon”. According to Károly Gerendai, the song of this year also goes well with the Liberty Island message and fits into the Sziget atmosphere. “It is unbelievable and an uplifting experience that our song can be the anthem of a prestigious festival like this one in 2014! Moreover, lots of memories, adventure and amazing parties and concerts are connected to this famous festival.” – reported Iván Vitáris, the lead singer of the rock’n’roll band.

Iván Vitáris also added that The Sziget Festival enhances the fame of Budapest and Hungary as well, thus the music of the Iván & The Parazol will also be recognized by so many people. The rock and roll band hopes to sing the festival Anthem along with many others during the festival performances.

The Hungarian rock ‘n’ roll band was founded 4 years ago and they released their second studio album called Mode Bizarre at the end of March. After performing before Deep Purple in the László Papp Budapest Sports Arena this February their song as a festival anthem is another great opportunity to become popular not only in their homeland but also in other countries.

Sziget organizers will not only spread the current song around the world but also seek ways to support the career of the band through their business relations. However, the next step is to prepare a music video – as an advertisement – both for the band and the Sziget Festival which now only has a 30-second trailer of the anthem.

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by Valentina Leanyfalvi



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