Budapest, Buda Castle, Hungary

Várkapitányság, the organisation that runs Buda Castle, announced the winner of their latest project aiming to rebuild the Southern corridor link of the Buda Castle. The project is worth 4.6 billion HUF (EUR 13.6 million).

 According to hvg, the winner is the Confector Mérnök Iroda Ltd. The Southern corridor link of the Buda Castle is 1,190 square metres, and based on the plans, there will be a new guest hall containing a restaurant, a gift shop, and a cloakroom. Furthermore, the company will create a lobby, a reception, and even a windbreak. On the first floor, they will rebuild the Saint Stephen Hall originally designed by Alajos Hauszmann (1847-1926). Among others, he designed the New York Palace, the world’s most beautiful café, and the central building of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The original hall was beautifully decorated

with unique woodwork on its walls, while its furniture was covered with tapestry in which golden strings were loomed. In the centre of the hall, there was a 5-metre-high fireplace made of world-famous Zsolnay porcelain. Unfortunately, during WWII, everything was destroyed. Now, it will be rebuilt based on the original plans, and according to the plans, it will be inaugurated on August 20, 2021. On the other floors of the five-storey building will be exhibition rooms.

On the public procurement attached to the project, there were some very good offers from not only the eventual winner, the Confector Mérnök Iroda Ltd, but also from the EB Hungary Invest Ltd., the Laterex Építő Ltd., and the Újlaki Építő Ltd.

The Confector Ltd. said that they would hire subcontractors for many tasks, for example, to restore the fine stoneworks and the paintings of the building, to renew the elevators and the electricity system along with the public utilities.

In the article by hvg, you may find the video report of RTL Klub about the project, and even though the content is in Hungarian, there is a visualisation of what the rebuilt corridor link connecting the National Széchenyi Library and the Budapest History Museum will look like. 


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