A fantastic and unique video was revealed about the details and vision of the Buda Castle District which is going to be renovated soon.

PestBuda reported that as part of the National Hauszmann Programme, ten new features are mentioned as the main elements of the reconstruction of the Castle District. Some of them are already done, and there are others which will be completed shortly. Octogon also reported the details about these projects. According to their writing the program. Several attractions of the castle district will be or are already renovated including the Karmelita buildings, Matthias fountain and many others. Daily News Hungary also reported about the starting renovation process

Along with the renovation of these elements of the district, the destroyed building will also be renovated along with the Buda Castle to make every possible step to change it into a better condition and to make the destructive signs of history disappear. These construction works include several rooms and halls of the building.

The Honved High Command building on Dísz Square will also get a brand-new look soon and other extra features like modern touristic and cultural functions, panorama level and an exhibition hall. Alongside this building, the old Foreign Office building and the József Archduke Castle will also be restored.

The final part of the project is to renovate several small and big gardens of the Castle District.

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Source: www.pestbuda.hu, www.octogon.hu

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