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The redesign of the buildings in the Castle District that were destroyed after 1945 will soon take place, along with the renovation of the Buda Castle itself and that of the promenades and roads, baileys, parks, and gardens.

Pestbuda reports that several reconstructions stretching out for three years will commence soon inside the Castle District thanks to the National Hauszmann Program. The aim is to restore the district for Hungarian people, commented Gergely Fodor, government official.

The Buda Castle has become rather a decor element serving the purpose of tourism than an integral, actual part of the city in these past sixty years. The program led by Várkapitányság Zrt. aims to restore the castle to its former glory, to give it back to the people of Hungary. In order to restore the

‘most beautiful part of the most beautiful capital city in the world’

roads, promenades, baileys, parks, and gardens must be renovated first.

The decision made by the government states that the buildings of the Castle District that were demolished after 1945 will be redesigned and restored in the following three years, and the castle itself will be examined thoroughly from an architectural approach. It will be during this cycle that the current renovations will be finished, like the reconstruction of the riding hall and the main guard hall, and the reopening of the Saint Stephen room inside the castle.

The Saint Stephen room will reopen on August 20, 2021, while the riding hall and the main guard hall will be finished by this summer, but the riding hall will be finished slightly later as accessibility has to be ensured.

Palota road and the area between the Csikós and Hunyadi courts will become accessible for disabled and elderly people,

and on the north, a new underground garage will be built with hundreds of parking spots, as part of the National Hauszmann Program.

Altogether 36 billion forints (EUR 113 million) are provided by the government for the reconstruction works.

featured image: aborfesztival.hu/en

Source: pestbuda.hu

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