The Hungarian Capital is the fifth most recommended destination according to two new international surveys – reported.

The European Best Destination website surveyed the world’s major tourist destinations in which the first place was given to the Portuguese city called Porto. The raking list was made up by the votes of hundreds of thousands people. Zagreb and Vienna got the second and third places respectively, while the fourth was given to Nicosia. The fifth city on this list is Budapest, the Hungarian capital preceding Madrid, Berlin or Rome.

Budapest is full of surprises and miracles – writes the guidebook of the website that also gives a summary of the amazing parks and the river of the city as well as of its enormous church towers and luxurious thermal baths. The website also highlights that Budapest is one of the most exciting cities of all.

According to, the travel section of the U.S. News magazine also recommends Budapest as the fifth best European destination. The U.S. News said that Budapest was an interesting place. Although Budapest is not on the lists of many American travel recommendations, still due to its architectural beauty, cheap meals and unique culture it’s well worth visiting. If you wish to place it in the world map, consider Budapest as the city of the backpackers of Vienna: Budapest is full of fun, it’s young and cheap.

On the list of the U.S. News, Budapest is placed among such popular cities like Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Berlin. Moreover, the Hungarian capital precedes London, Prague, Madrid, Florence or Vienna.

This is not the first time that Budapest has been placed on the lists of the most recommended European cities. Recently the users of TripAdvisor have found Budapest as the place with the best price-value ratio in the world.

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