Budapest, a destination of choice for many Chinese tourists starting a tour of Europe, is starting to feel the impact of the coronavirus outbreak in China, business daily Vilaggazdaság said on Wednesday.

Judit Lázár, the managing director for the local business of EETS, one of the biggest tour organisers for Chinese tourists in Central Europe, said she expects a 20 percent cancellation rate during the next two weeks. That means about 300 fewer Chinese tourists arriving in Hungary, she added.

Tamás Flesch, who heads the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, said

Chinese tourists spent 430,000 guest nights in the capital in January-November of last year, accounting for 5-6 percent of total turnover.

Most of those tourists arrive in groups, on tours bound for other destinations in Europe, he added.

Last year, 103,000 tourists arrived in Budapest on direct flights from China,

Vilaggazdaság noted.

Source: MTI

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