Historical remains from the Anjou-era, pieces of a Baroque church, columns from the 1950s and a floor-structure of the Hauszmann times were found in the Royal Castle of Buda.

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Origo reported that the precious artefacts were found during the reconstructions of the monumental and historic St. Stephen Room which is located in the southern part of the castle. The room is currently being renovated under the wings of the National Hauszmann Program according to the original plans and the found artefacts.

St. Stephen Room, Budapest, Hungary
Photo: MTI/Mohai Balázs

The St. Stephen Room was built around the turning of the previous century by the plans of Lajos Hauszmann, who was a famous Hungarian architect. The room was constructed with the help of great Hungarians like Vilmos Zsolnay and Endre Thék. During the world fair of 1900 in Paris the room won several awards.

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St. Stephen Room, Budapest, Hungary
Photo: MTI/Mohai Balázs

From April 2019, the room is being renovated from the dushes of World War II when it was completely destroyed. The aim of the renovation is to give back the full glory and prestige the room used to have.

St. Stephen Room, Budapest, Hungary, architecture
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The room will serve as a national treasure and brand-new tourist attraction from August 20, 2021. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the renovated place and to spend more time between the walls of the Royal Palace.

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Source: www.origo.hu

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